Police find human remains inside crocodile believed to have attacked a man in Australian park

Australian police say they have found human remains inside a crocodile that is believed to have snatched a man from his boat in a popular national park.

Northern Territory Police Sergeant Andrew Hocking says police found the remains inside a 4.7-meter (15 foot, 5 inch) crocodile that park rangers shot on Sunday.

The crocodile was one of two that were shot about 1.5 kilometers (a mile) from a spot where a 62-year-old man was attacked on Saturday. Police were told the man was on a boat in Kakadu National Park with his son, wife and daughter-in-law when the crocodile snatched him.

Hocking says the remains have not yet been formally identified. An investigation into the exact circumstances of the attack is underway.

The man's name has not been released.