Chief of Lebanon's Hezbollah hails Assad's win in Syrian presidential election

The chief of the Lebanese militant Hezbollah group has hailed Bashar Assad's victory in Syria's presidential election this week, saying the "massive" turnout shows the war and the West's conspiracy against Syria have failed.

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah — a staunch Assad ally — says the election was a "great victory for Syria."

Nasrallah says that any political solution for Syria "begins and ends with Bashar Assad." He spoke on Friday to supporters at a function in southern Beirut.

Members of the Lebanese Shiite group are fighting alongside Assad's forces in Syria's civil war.

In Tuesday's election, which was only held in government-controlled parts of Syria, Assad won another seven-year term despite the bloody three-year uprising against his rule.

Syria's opposition and the West have denounced the election as a farce.