Rains in Somalia failing, meaning hunger is coming, groups say, as they warn of funding needs

Aid groups in Somalia are warning that seasonal rains are failing and mass hunger could again descend on the country.

The U.N.'s food and security unit says 51,000 children are severely malnourished and are at high risk of death.

Aid groups said Wednesday that despite such a grim number only 12 percent of the needed aid funds in 2014 have been met. Aid groups say an additional $822 million is needed.

Ed Pomfret of the aid group Oxfam said indicators point to an approaching crisis. One problem the country faces is that it's been in need for so long — more than 20 years — that newer global crises such as in Syria and South Sudan are getting more attention.

Pomfret says that suffering Somalis, however, should not be forgotten.