Chile's president may finally have votes in Congress to end dictatorship-era election rules

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet says she is determined to make her country's democracy more representative, and she may have just enough votes in Congress to achieve it.

Bachelet proposed Wednesday that Chile end its "binomial" system, which rigs elections to guarantee defeat for politicians who don't make deals with the center-left and center-right coalitions.

The system was created under the 17-year dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet and has concentrated power in the hands of the few ever since. For nearly a quarter century since democracy's return in 1990, no Chilean leader has had enough votes to change it.

Until now.

Bachelet's coalition has 21 senators and 71 deputies. She needs just two more Senate votes and one more House vote to push through changes, and some opposition support seems likely.