Dutch prosecuting man whose child pornography case may be linked to Canadian girl Amanda Todd

Dutch prosecutors have filed indecent assault and child pornography charges against a 35-year-old man suspected of blackmailing underage girls to perform sexual acts in front of a webcam.

Dutch broadcaster Omroep Brabant has suggested the unidentified suspect's case may be related to that of 15-year-old Canadian girl Amanda Todd. Todd committed suicide in 2012 after being victimized in a similar manner, and bullied.

Lawyer Christian van Dijk confirmed to The Associated Press Thursday one of the charges against his client involves a 15-year-old girl from British Colombia. But prosecutors have only said the man is suspected of blackmailing girls in the U.S., Britain and the Netherlands.

The suspect, who has dual Dutch and Turkish nationality, was arrested in January.

Prosecutors first publicized his case after a preliminary hearing Wednesday.