Brazilian Cops Cover Graffiti Artist's Face In Black Paint As Punishment

Police in Brazil decided the best way to teach a young graffiti artist a lesson was to tag him after they caught the vandal spray painting the side of their barracks.

Police in the Brazilian city of São Paulo caught a teenage Banksy-wannabe using the side of their headquarters as a canvas and instead of hauling him inside and booking him, they dished out immediate justice by turning the spray can on his face.

A stream of glossy, black paint covered the unnamed graffiti artists face and was filmed on what appeasr to be a camera phone, before being posted online.

After about 15 seconds, one of the cops is seen yelling at the boy: “Say Sorry!”

"Sorry, sir, I will never paint the base of police again," the tagger said.

"Now get out before I change my mind," the officer added, as the vandal quickly flees into the night.

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