Former President Uribe is top vote-getter in Colombia Senate race; Santos bloc loses ground

Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe is back in elected office — this time in the Senate.

Uribe's party was the top vote-getter in the Senate in congressional elections Sunday in which President Juan Manuel Santos' governing coalition lost some ground.

Uribe has been a vehement opponent of peace talks with leftist rebels that Santos initiated and hopes to soon conclude successfully.

Uribe's new Centro Democratico party looks to have 20 of the Senate's 102 seats against at least 47 for Santos' weakened coalition. The coalition's fate will depend on the Conservatives, who are expected to win 17 seats. It is not yet clear if the Conservatives will stay with Santos or join Uribe.

The left lost ground, meanwhile. It slid from eight Senate seats to five. The Green Alliance held at five seats.

Lower house results are still being compiled.