'White widow' lived near other Kenyan mall in 2011, caretaker and official say

A security official and apartment caretaker say a British-born Muslim convert dubbed "the white widow" by London's tabloids lived close to one of Nairobi's major malls in 2011.

Last month Interpol issued an arrest notice for 29-year-old fugitive Samantha Lewthwaite, not in connection with the September terrorist attack on Nairobi's Westgate Mall, but over a 2011 plot to bomb holiday resorts in Kenya.

A caretaker at the OakPark Apartments, near another mall named Junction, said Wednesday that Lewthwaite lived there in 2011. Alfred Osiole said Lewthwaite lived with a boyfriend and four children.

A Kenyan security official confirmed Lewthwaite lived near Junction but he said it was not likely she was carrying out surveillance. The security official said Lewthwaite's role in al-Shabab is more of a courier and financier.