Couple jailed in UK for murdering 4-year-old Daniel Pelka, who was starved and beaten

A British judge has sentenced the mother and stepfather of a 4-year-old boy who was starved and beaten to death to a minimum of 30 years in prison for his murder.

Madgelena Luczak and Mariusz Krezolek were convicted this week of murdering Daniel Pelka, who was abused and tortured in the months before his death.

The pair blamed each other for Daniel's death in March 2012, after the boy had been beaten and left to die in an unheated cell-like room.

The case has horrified Britain and raised questions of why teachers at Daniel's school in Coventry, central England — who had seen his bruises and increasingly emaciated frame — did not intervene.

Judge Laura Cox said Friday that the sentences reflected the couple's "unimaginable acts of cruelty and brutality."