Former Parole Officer Steals Tow Truck Because She Wanted To 'Go To Manhattan'

Former federal corrections officer Angela Estrella really wanted to visit Manhattan, but didn't have a way of getting there. So she stole a tow truck, police said.

Universal Towing driver Mike Frazier said that on Wednesday morning he drove up to a disabled down car on Interstate 95 and saw Estrella stranded.

"She goes, 'I wanna go to Manhattan,' I was like, 'Where? New York? Darlin' I can't take you to New York,'" he said.

Frazier called the rental place for Estrella to get her a new rental car, but he says apparently that wasn't enough. He called 911.

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"This is universal towing. Someone just stole my tow truck," he is heard saying in the 911 recording.

On Thursday, Estrella, a former federal corrections officer, faced a Volusia County judge.

Deputies caught up with Estrella a few exits up the road, thanks to the tow truck's broken fuel light.  Deputies said she thought she needed to get gas, so she stopped, but didn't know how to pump the gas. By that time, a Flagler County deputy had caught up with her and held her for Volusia County deputies.

When she stole the tow truck, police said, Estrella had been out on bond on attempted murder charges. Last August, police said she drove more than 100 miles an hour through Osceola County in an admitted attempt to kill her children who were in the car. She bonded out in November of last year.

A judge on Thursday gave her $15,000 bond, but her pretrial release on the attempted murder charges has been revoked, so she will be transported to Osceola County Jail.

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