Egypt's constitutional panel meets for 1st time to amend charter passed under ousted president

Egypt's official news agency says a panel charged with amending the constitution in the aftermath of the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi is meeting for the first time.

MENA says the panel, made up of 10 legal experts and senior judges, is meeting Sunday at Cairo's parliament building. They are expected to propose changes to many of the more controversial provisions in the constitution drawn up last year by an Islamist-dominated assembly and passed in a referendum.

President Adly Mansour, installed after Morsi's July 3 overthrow, announced the panel's formation Saturday.

According to a military-backed timetable for a return to democratic rule to Egypt, the panel has 30 days to suggest amendments. A second 50-member committee will have 60 days to review those amendments before citizens vote in a referendum.