'Candigato Morris,' A Cat, Runs For Mayor In Mexico

  • Facebook Candigato Morris Veracruz

     (Facebook Candigato Morris Veracruz)

  • Facebook Candigato Morris Veracruz

     (Facebook Candigato Morris Veracruz)

A furry feline is the front-runner to become Mexico’s newest mayor.

Known as “Candigato Morris,” the cat is running ahead of the competition in the social media race for mayor in Xalapa, capital of the state of Veracruz.

As first reported by the website HyperVocal, two residents frustrated with their city’s mayoral candidates decided to take matters into their own hands and create a candidate of their own.

Setting up a Facebook account for the faux candidate just a few months ahead of the July 7 election, the “Candigato” is already much more popular than his human competition.

Whether the city of Xalapa is full of cat lovers or not, the “Candigato” has already received more than 50,000 likes on Facebook.

Since launching on May 4, the city’s 400,000 residents have found “Candigato Morris” to be much more “likable” than three of the four main candidates in the running. And as word of his furry campaign grows, he is expected to pass the fourth candidate as well very soon.

The “Candigato” has also taken his campaign to Twitter, with various accounts created in his honor.

So what party is Morris running for? He claims to be a “cat anarchist.”

With the campaign slogan “Xalapa Without Rats” and the party affiliation as a “cat anarchist,” Morris believes he is the purrr-fect candidate.

While the Facebook ad does admit he “sleeps a lot,” the “Candigato” thinks this actually gives him “the ideal profile for a mayoral candidate.”

The creators of the Candigato Morris’ campaign, known simply as Sergio and Daniel, told Milenio in Spanish that the campaign was more than a practical joke.

They felt that by using the social media they could give the city’s residents a creative way to protest the alleged corruption going on at the polls.

Daniel, the graphic artist behind the images for the campaign, said they hoped Candigato Morris would drum up interest around the mayoral vote and get more voters to cast their ballot for an actual candidate.

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