Company Offers Pay Raise If Employees Get Logo Tattoo

Rapid Realty real estate offers cash for tattoos (YouTube)

Rapid Realty real estate offers cash for tattoos (YouTube)

Want A Raise? Well then, just get a tattoo!

A NYC Realtor firm is offering all of its employees the opportunity to get a 15 percent pay raise – if they get inked with the company’s logo.

Since Rapid Reality gave the option, 40 employees have taken the company up on the challenge.

“I had a paycheck coming in what was a substantial amount of money different, so it was nice,” one of the employees who got tatted up, Brooke Koropatnick, told New York’s CBS 2 News.  

Since there were no size or tattoo locations given, Koropatnick had her tattoo placed behind her ear.

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The company’s owner Anthony Lolli said he got the idea from a loyal employee who didn’t care about getting some extra dough.

After one of his realtor’s called him to say he was getting a Rapid Reality logo tattoo, Lolli’s first thought was,”this is cool, how can I repay you?”

Robert Trezza, recently became the 40th employee to take part in the tattoo challenge.

 “I think it’s a good opportunity to show commitment to a company that makes going to work fun every day,” Trezza told CBS 2.

While a tattoo can cost up to $300, Lolli is more than happy to foot the bill himself.

And of course Lolli has the tattoo right?

Not exactly. The owner said he is planning to get inked, eventually.

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