Rebel official: Bosco Ntaganda wanted to take charge of Congo's M23 rebel group

A spokesman for the Congolese rebel movement M23 says warlord Bosco Ntaganda ended up at the International Criminal Court because of his "stupidity" in believing he could control the rebel group.

Rene Abandi, who heads a delegation of M23 fighters that has been negotiating peace with the Congolese government, said Thursday that Ntaganda was a schemer whose violent expulsion from eastern Congo left the group feeling more secure but undermined prospects for peace.

Abandi said Ntaganda tried to "influence the chain of command" but went too far when he challenged the M23's Gen. Sultani Makenga.

Makenga's side gained the upper hand in clashes earlier this month with a faction loyal to Ntaganda, who then fled to Rwanda and turned himself in at the U.S. Embassy.