Dominican police probe claim that US web site paid to find prostitutes

A Dominican prosecutor says a local attorney told him that someone claiming to be with the conservative website The Daily Caller paid him to find prostitutes who would lie about having sex with U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez.

Jose Polanco told The Associated Press on Friday that attorney Melanio Figueroa said he was promised $5,000 by someone named "Carlos" to find prostitutes. Polanco said Figueroa told him in an interrogation late Thursday that he was paid only $2,000 after finding the prostitutes.

Daily Caller Editor Tucker Carlson Figueroa's statements, calling them "a lie."

Polanco said authorities are reviewing footage from surveillance cameras in areas where the man identified as Carlos supposedly met with Figueroa.

The announcement comes just days after police said the prostitutes lied about having sex with Menendez.