Malaysia sends army reinforcements to Borneo after 8 police killed in clashes with Filipinos

Malaysia is sending hundreds of soldiers to a Borneo state to help neutralize armed Filipino intruders who've killed 8 policemen in the country's bloodiest security emergency in years.

Nineteen Filipino gunmen have been slain since Friday in skirmishes that shocked Malaysians unaccustomed to such violence in their country, which borders restive southern provinces in the Philippines and Thailand.

The main group of intruders comprises nearly 200 members of a Philippine Muslim clan, some bearing rifles, who slipped past naval patrols last month, landed at a remote Malaysian coastal village and insisted the territory was theirs.

Public attention focused Monday on how to minimize casualties while apprehending the trespassers surrounded by security forces as well as an undetermined number of other armed Filipinos suspected to have encroached on two other districts.