Dubai officials block airport entry to Bahrain-based AP reporter, editor husband

A Bahrain-based journalist for The Associated Press has been blocked from entry into the United Arab Emirates under apparent new restrictions by Gulf Arab states.

Reem Khalifa and her husband, Mansoor al-Jamri, chief editor for Bahrain's independent Al Wasat newspaper, were told Monday at Dubai International Airport that they were a list to deny entry. No further explanations were immediately given, but it appears part of tighter coordination between Gulf allies to control and monitor journalists, activists and others in the region.

Khalifa and her husband, on a private visit to Dubai, closely cover Bahrain's 2-year-old uprising between majority Shiites and the kingdom's Sunni rulers, who are closely backed by other Gulf leaders.

A senior UAE official said airport immigration issues fall under Dubai police, which had no immediate comment.