Former Haiti dictator 'Baby Doc' is a no-show at court despite order to appear

Former Haitian Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier has spurned a judge's order to appear in court for a hearing on whether to reinstate charges of human rights abuses against him.

The lawyer for the former leader known as "Baby Doc" says he has appealed the order to the Supreme Court. Attorney Reynold Georges appeared and announced the appeal 90 minutes after Thursday's hearing was scheduled to start.

Duvalier ruled Haiti from 1971-1986, a time when thousands were imprisoned, tortured and killed for opposing the government.

He made a surprise return to Haiti in January 2011 and was charged with embezzlement and human rights abuses. A court threw out all but the embezzlement charge, which carries a maximum of five years in prison. He skipped two previous court hearings without penalty.