Canada snowstorm leaves at least 33 dead in Ontario; schools, flights, roads disrupted

A snowstorm barreling across southern Ontario has left at least three people dead.

The storm Friday also grounded some flights and forced some schools and universities to close. Environment Canada expected up to 25 centimeters (10 inches) of snow in some regions by the end of the day.

Ian Wright of Hamilton Paramedic Services said an 80-year-old woman in that city collapsed while shoveling her driveway. Provincial police said two men were killed in car crashes, one of them in a multi-vehicle collision in Pickering, east of Toronto.

Sgt. Dave Woodford of the Ontario Provincial Police said 350 collisions have been reported in Toronto since midnight Friday.

Many flights were cancelled in Toronto, some of them due to snowstorms in parts of the U.S.