Germany: eurozone finance ministers will decide Monday on succession to chairman Juncker

A German official says finance ministers from the 17 EU nations that use the euro will decide next week on a successor to the group's outgoing chairman, Jean-Claude Juncker.

Finance Ministry spokeswoman Marianne Kothe said Friday a decision is expected when the ministers meet Monday in Brussels.

Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem formally announced his candidacy Thursday and appears to have wide backing.

Kothe stopped short of declaring outright Germany's endorsement for him but said Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has made it clear he thinks Dijsselbloem is a very competent candidate.

The Eurogroup chief has a key role in negotiating policies for the currency union, which is still struggling to emerge from its financial crisis.

Long-standing Eurogroup head Juncker said last year that he wants to step down.