Pat Robertson: 'Awful-looking women' to blame for marital problems (VIDEO)

Got marriage problems? Blame your "awful-looking" wife, Pat Robertson says.

The Christian televangelist is taking heat over comments he recently made on his "700 Club" show in response to a 17-year-old who wrote to "Maxim" magazine about how his father never pays attention to his mother, Slate reported.

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"I'm 17 years old and I’ve noticed that there has been a change in my father’s behavior," he wrote. "He spends too much time at the computer playing a war game. I’ve noticed how alone my mom feels. I just want my father to spend more time with my mom. What should I do? How can I talk to my father? I feel shame for him. Please help."

According to AlterNet, Robertson initially suggests the boy try to get his parents out of the house on some kind of romantic getaway.

Then comes the women-bashing.

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Robertson continues, "You know, it may be your mom isn’t as sweet as you think she is; she may be kind of hard-nosed. And so, you say, it’s my father, he’s not paying attention to mom, but you know mom ..." he trails off, chuckling.

He then goes on to say "awful-looking women" can be blamed for other marital problems, The Huffington Post reported.

"A woman came to a preacher that I know, and she was awful looking. I mean, her hair was all torn up and she was overweight and looked terrible, clothes bad and everything," Robertson said. "And she said, 'Oh, Reverend, what can I do? My husband has started to drink.' And the preacher looked at her and said, 'Madam, if I was married to you I'd start to drink too.'"

Robertson has been married to his wife, Adelia, since 1954.