Swedish teens riot over sexual rumors posted on Instagram by classmates

Swedish students from multiple high schools staged a riot over sexual rumors about their classmates posted on a photo sharing account on Instagram.

Police barricaded the area around one school and described the scene as “unruly and heated,” Swedish newspaper The Local, reports. The school that is the scene of the mayhem has reportedly told the other schools to "come and get" their students to help restore calm.

“Several bottles and rocks were thrown at police on the scene and some members of the public who passed by the area and had their cars damaged,” police said in a statement.

Outrage reportedly grew after an Instagram user asked for tips and pictures of promiscuous teens in the area. More than 200 pictures were submitted to the account, naming the girls and boys, ages 13 to 14, and the alleged sexual acts, The Local reports.

“It grew to 7,000 to 8,000 followers. They were [pictures of] younger siblings of my friends born around 1997 and later, that were uploaded,” a resident of the area told reporters.

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School officials said the student who started the Instagram account has been identified and removed from harm's way, the paper reported.

When the account was shut down, the naming and taunting moved to a Facebook page. A second page calling for a protest of the account was created, The Local reports. Threats of violence followed.

Police arrived at the high school before protests began, and blocked off streets with horse-mounted police and SWAT teams, The Local reported.

“It doesn’t feel like we have control of the situation at the moment,” Bjor Blixer, a police spokesman, told reporters earlier.

Police have arrested 27 teens in connection to the riots.

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