'Cross Country' Cross Controversy

Junior Garcia, a 19-year-old from Saginaw, began his trek carrying a cross to the nation's capitol almost a week ago, but is just now starting to face some road blocks.

He is currently outside of Arkadelphia, Ark. and all has gone smoothly so far, the Rev. Randy Lemme from The Oasis Church tells Fox 4.

Garcia's plan was to hold a prayer service at the White House in mid July. However, the Washington D.C. mayor and police say no.

Today, the church heard back from the mayor who said Garcia cannot raise a cross in front of the White House because nothing can be lifted higher than its fence.

The church additionally contacted police who said the group cannot carry a cross through streets of Washington D.C. either.

Lemme posted "say prayers" on Facebook and requested that everyone contact a local congressional representative to ask for help in keeping the cause going.

Garcia is on day seven of is journey, walking roughly 12 hours per day. A support team has been following him on foot on a cart and bus to shield him from traffic.

The walk is meant to draw the attention of America back to the cross of Jesus Christ.

His journey is also intended to raise money for Speed the Light, an Assembly of God Mission giving program that will buy a car for a missionary in Mexico.


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