Girls in China commit suicide, dreaming of time travel

Two girls in eastern China have killed themselves after leaving suicide notes saying they were attempting to travel back in time, according to state-owned China Daily.

One of the fifth-grade girls had apparently lost the remote control for a garage door at her house on Thursday and told her friend about it.

Later that afternoon, the girls wrote suicide notes and proceeded to drown themselves in a pool, according to the paper.

The friend wrote in her note that the girl was afraid of getting in trouble for losing the remote control, and they decided to die together since they were best friends.

One of the girls wrote that her dream was to travel back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to shoot a film and also to visit outer space.

TV series about time travel are increasingly popular in China, with story lines usually following people who accidently travel to the past, the paper reported.

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