Hurricane Irene Safety and Evacuation Tips

Here are some hurricane safety tips from officials.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) urges homes to make disaster supply kits. What's in theirs? Take a look:


   Canned goods and nonperishable foods that do not need cooking:
   Canned meats and fish
   Canned fruits and vegetables
   Canned soups and puddings
   Canned fruit juices
   Dried fruit and nuts
   Bread, cookies and crackers
   Peanut butter and jelly
   Coffee and tea
    Manual can opener
   Bottled water (1 gallon per person/per day)
   Prescription medication (2 week supply)
   Extra eyeglasses
   Pet food/supplies
   Water purification tablets (halazone)
   Disposable plates, cups, and utensils
   Infant care items:
   Disposable diapers
   Baby wipes
   Baby food
   First aid supplies
   Masking and duct tape
   Flashlight or lantern, with extra batteries
   Battery operated radio, with extra batteries
   Watch or battery operated clock
   Ice chest
   Canned heat (sterno)
   Portable outdoor camping stove or grill with fuel supply
   A certain amount of cash
   Important documents (Such as wills, deeds, prescriptions, passports, birth certificates, health record, proof of address, Social Security number)
   Plastic trash bags
   Plastic sheeting or tarp
   Chlorinated bleach
   Personal hygiene items

Other useful items:

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   Work gloves
   Sun lotion
   Insect repellent
   Razor knife
   Ax or chainsaw
   Rope caulking
   Nails and screws
   Rope and wire
   Broom, mop and bucket
   All-purpose cleaner
   Portable generator
   Tree pruner
   Shovel, rake and wheelbarrow
   Sheets of plywood

If you are asked to evacuate, the National Weather Service offers these tips:

Travel Tips

   Do not drive farther than necessary.
   Take familiar routes: Especially if you must travel at night.
   Make sure you have a full tank of fuel before leaving.
   Take as few vehicles as possible. The fewer cars on the road, the better traffic will flow and the quicker everyone can reach their intended destination safely. Try to avoid towing large trailers.
   Try to complete your travel before the onset of tropical storm/gale force winds and heavy rain. New England Hurricanes are often preceded by a false period of calm before conditions deteriorate rapidly. Do not be fooled.

Items To Consider Taking To A Shelter

   Take along blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and towels.
   Take along any necessary medications as well as personal hygiene items including: soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste.
   Remember that alcoholic beverages, and weapons are not allowed at evacuation shelters.
   Remember not all shelters accept pets. If the shelter you will be using does, be sure to bring supplies for your pet including: a crate or carrier, food, toys to keep them occupied and medical records. Your towns requirements may vary, so be sure to find out exactly what you will need well ahead of time.

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