Middle East

Text of Kabyles Calls for Autonomy

Statement of purpose

The message of the Provisional Government of Kabylia to the United States and International bodies:

We want a Referendum for autonomy to be held with mutual agreement with Algiers. This is a legitimate right in accordance with international law on the matter which Algeria has ratified. This is what the Kabyle People will be asking for on April 20th and subsequent demonstrations, and we hope that the US Administration can pressure its Algerian "ally" in the fight against terror to accept a democratic claim.

This is in the US' and the Western World’s best interest. The Kabyle Forest Mountains are a strong hold for Al Qaida’s North African branch. And we know just how effective our secular agenda will be in the fight against Islamism, because unlike the Algerian government, we aim to eliminate the ideology from the political institutions, not just the symptoms of that ideology.

Algeria encourages the terrorism it is supposed to be fighting. It is scandalous for us to hear some US officials describe the Algerian regime as "secular". They need to look at what is taught in schools (See attached report on Primary Education), what is preached in mosques and in the official media in Arabic even in our language to indoctrinate our society.

The military component of the fight against Islamist terrorists has always seen Kabyle patriots embark on it more effectively than the Algerian Army. Since the outbreak of Islamic terror in the early 90s, groups of Kabyle villagers called the Legitimate Defence Group (GLDs) were created in order to defend the Kabyle territory from terrorists who don’t belong to our society. To this day these poorly armed and badly trained patriots remain much more efficient for their knowledge of their natural Kabyle terrain unlike the Algerian army.

If successful the Kabyles are always prepared for a bolder and more effective military cooperation with the US on the fight against islamist terrorism. On September 11th 2001 the Kabyle movement has demonstrated with American flags on the streets in support of the USA. Never has this been seen in the Middle East or North Africa apart from Israel to the best of our knowledge.

We need to be recognised, helped and funded in order to preserve our secular and democratic values which we naturally share with the Western world.