British Beauty Queen Has Crown Revoked Over Naked Pictures on Facebook

YORK, England -- A British beauty queen has had her title revoked over claims she posted naked pictures of herself on Facebook, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

Charlotte Campbell, 23, was stripped of her title after Miss Great Britain's CEO, Wendy Seinturier, accused her of breaking competition regulations regarding nudity.

Seinturier said she was in possession of completely nude and explicit photos of Campbell but could not produce them due to legal and ethical concerns.

In a statement on its website, Miss Great Britain said it had a zero tolerance position when it came to topless and completely nude pictures, leaving the organization with “no choice” but to strip Campbell of her title.

Campbell, a single mother from York with a three-year-old son, has denied the existence of naked pictures published online or elsewhere.

The photo in question was not fully nude and had been on her Facebook page for more than two years with no privacy settings, she said, adding that she had entered other pageants with the same no-nudity clauses with little problems.

“I am genuine, hardworking and a respectable girl with good morals and values,” Campbell said.

The beauty queen said a disagreement between her agent, former Miss Great Britain chief, Liz Fuller and Seinturier was the real reason the allegations had surfaced.

Campbell was the first single mom to win the Miss Great Britain title in the contest’s 65-year history after new rules allowing single mothers and divorcees to take part were introduced.