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Report: Iranian Man Who Blinded Love Rival With Acid Sentenced to Suffer Same Fate

An Iranian man who blinded his lover's husband will reportedly suffer a similar sentence -- having acid poured into his eye.

The man, identified only as Mojtaba, threw acid in the face of his rival, a taxi driver named Alireza, after an illicit affair with the victim's wife, Mojdeh, the Daily Mail reports.

All three people in the lover's triangle are 25 years old and live in Qom, Iran's clerical nerve 60 miles south of Tehran.  The penalty was passed by a lower court and upheld by Iran’s supreme court, a government daily in Iran reported over the weekend, according to the Daily Mail.

In cases of violent crime, Iran’s Islamic code allows for ‘an eye-for-an-eye, a tooth-for-a-tooth’ retribution known as "qisas," the newspaper reports.

The Qom prosecutor, Mostafa Barzegar Ganji, said the victim had used his right to qisas.

"We have asked for forensic specialists to oversee the blinding of the convict," Ganji added.

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