Japanese theme park to offer futuristic pods for guests to sleep at sea

The Kujuku Islands near Sasebo.

The Kujuku Islands near Sasebo.  (iStock)

Walking on water might sound like miracle but how about sleeping on the ocean?

Japan’s Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch-theme park in the city of Sasebo, is about to make your wildest comes true. 

The theme park is set offer space-age like floating pods for visitors to sleep in by the end of the year, according to The Japan Times.

Each capsule will be two storeys and feature a spiral staircase leading up to the bedroom covered by a glass roof. The design allows for panoramic views ideal for stargazing at night-- or keeping watch on the sea during the day.

Overnight, each floating hotel room will slowly move to an island featuring unique attractions. Huis Ten Bosch owns the 419,792 square foot island where new adventure attractions are being built.

The futuristic pods will hold up to four people and cost between $260 and $350 a night.


The theme park operators say they are creating the futuristic capsules as a way to draw more tourists from aroun Japan and from abroad.

In the its theme park, Huis Ten Bosch uses life-sized replicas of old Dutch buildings, offering a true Netherlands experience in Japan. The park launched the Henn na Hotel (known as the “robot hotel”) in 2015. That property is staffed almost entirely by  humanoid robots designed to look like they’re breathing, blinking and interacting like real hotel workers.