Baggage claim blunder: British Olympic team struggles with matching red luggage

british airways

 (AP File Photo)

Showing team unity is important—especially at a prestigious event like the Olympics. During the opening ceremony, each countries’ outfits are critiqued, admired and thoroughly judged.

But the organizers behind outfitting Great Britain’s 320 Olympic athletes didn’t really think through the whole luggage thing.

Carried across the pond by British Airways, the sports stars started to return home Tuesday. But after disembarking the plane, many noted the major fail in having matching bags.

Sure, a bright red bag is great when most people have black or grey. But scores and scores of crimson colored duffels awaited the Olympians in the baggage area at home.

"Find my bag could prove more challenging than the racing" tweeted Olympic rower Matt Langridge.

"Mine's the red one!!" posted a flustered looking Nick Dempsey, an Olympic windsurfer. 

Despite the major fail, most appeared in good spirits about the whole ordeal. Great Britain’s athletes scored a 67 medals in all during the Rio Games—a record for the country.