Staying at a unique hotel with breathtaking views of otherworldly landscapes is a vacationers’ dream that can easily become a reality.

But when four boring walls, a large bed and a mini-bar fridge become acceptable-- but not exciting-- use your imagination and book a stay in a real life cave.

Not all underground rooms are created equal. Some are luxurious, while others are pretty, well, rustic. But all have their own unique history and mystery.

The advantages of staying in a cave room are numerous – no humidity, constant cool temperature, serenity and calmness-- and no crowds or loud noises. Just don't mind the bats-- we kid! 

Some of the caves on the list have been used to shoot movies. "Star Wars" fans are going to love Hotel Marhal in Tunisia while adrenaline-seekers will like Sala Silvermine because it’s the deepest hotel room in the world at 500 feet underground.