Paris' first floating hotel opens on the Seine

The plunge pool is one of the hotel's signature attractions.

The plunge pool is one of the hotel's signature attractions.  (OFF Paris Seine)

As one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, the City of Lights has plenty of unique accommodations. 

But the newly opened OFF hotel on the historic river Seine may be the most picturesque.

Just a few steps from the famed Notre Dame cathedral, thisfloating hotel isn’t your average getaway. Situated on the left bank of the river near to Austerlitz station, OFF is based in a central and vibrant area of Paris, known for its multi-cultural population and modern architecture.

The hotel is the first of its kind in the tourist hotspot and has so far been well received by customers.

With 54 rooms and 4 suites that cost between $175 to about $492 per night, the OFF hotel could be the perfect way to visit the city of love in style. 

The interior design is sleek and simple with modern décor and bright colors that supposedly mimic the sun’s reflection on the waters of the famous river. The Sunset suite was specifically designed to be completely orange. This even includes the bathtub, curtains and bed.

But what floating hotel would be complete without the chance to get a little wet? Outdoor features include a plunge pool, bar and sundeck area, all with a panoramic view of the river.

Could floating hotels take off in the future?