If you’ve got an extra $2.1 million, you can buy a part of history and sail off into the sunset.

Winston Churchill’s 127-foot, 90-year-old yacht Amazone is for sale.

The yacht is composed of three decks that can sleep up to 12 people, and was built by England’s Thornycroft Shipyard in 1936, before he became U.K.’s Prime Minister.  

Other features include a Jacuzzi on the top deck that has space for 60, a sunroom and a bar where Churchill would enjoy a drink and a cigar.

The current owner, architect Mireille Huet, told the magazine Le Parisien that she would prefer the buyer to be a collector, a history aficionado or a movie producer who will “honor its dignity.”

After she bought the boat in 2005 from a person she calls "a luxury gangster," it was restored to its old glory.   It is now docked in the town of Limay to the west of Paris.

First named Amazone, she was later called Welsh Liberty, then My Evangeline, and has since reverted back to her first name Amazone.

Over the years, the Amazone traveled more than 4,000 nautical miles all over the world and served on missions like repatriating allied troops to Great Britain after World War II.