Kayak starts booking space flights

XCOR Aerospace is developing the Lynx, a two-seat reusable suborbital spaceplane.

XCOR Aerospace is developing the Lynx, a two-seat reusable suborbital spaceplane.  (XCOR Aerospace)

Booking a trip into space is just a click away-but it doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get off the ground.

Kayak is now offering flights by XCOR Space Expeditions—owners of the Lynx space plane, which would take travelers on a trip into suborbital space.

The travel booking site is offering trips starting in 2016 for about $100,000 and more departing from either the spaceport in California’s Mojave Desert or the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao.

You have to enter 90N, the code for Spaceport America, as your departure city and set 50M — that’s 50 miles into the sky, until you reach the earth’s Thermosphere — as your destination, and First Class under status.

According to an itinerary we pulled up, customers leaving Sept.1, 2016 can experience the hour trip for about $121,000.

A view of Earth can be seen through a 45.2 square-foot cockpit canopy window, before a “40-minute glide back to Earth,” where upon completion, each passenger will be awarded their official astronaut wings, the U.K.'s Telegraph reports. 

Other companies including Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are also working on suborbital space-tourism vehicles, but as of yet no company has actually started flying those earth-to-space routes yet.

According to Yahoo, Kayak last week were offering the chance to book with Virgin Galactic for $250,000 per person, but a Kayak representative told Road Warrior Voices that Virgin Galactic asked to be removed as a supplier from the site.

But interested parties can fill out an application and put down a $250,000 deposit on Virgin Galactic’s website. According to, 700 customers have already signed up -- which outnumbers the 551 people who have actually gone to space.