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Scary Santa: The creepiest holiday photo ops

Sometimes Jolly St. Nick isn't always so jolly.

Sometimes Jolly St. Nick isn't always so jolly.  (iStock)

Many little kids forward to visiting Santa Claus at the local mall during the holiday season. 

But sometimes, things get a little creepy. Good old Santa can only stay jolly for so long before the wear and tear of dealing with countless kids starts to show. 

Some of these Santas probably weren't trying to be creepy but once the camera went off, they went from happy Kris Kringle to scary St. Nick. Here are some of the creepiest mall Santas from around the web. 

This little squealer couldn't get away fast enough.

Honestly I don't blame her... I wouldn't want to sit on his lap either! ���� #creepysanta #sorrylucy

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This Santa has mastered the delicate yet utterly creepy shoulder grip.

These kids are clearly goners.

This slouching Santa probably just needed a nap.

#creepysanta #1976 #seriouslymom #iwasnotamused

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No soul can escape this Santa's death grip.

Happy holidays y'all! #emmiruth #scarysanta #bigtears

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Who approved this terrifying Santa mask?


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Seriously. Masks are not a good idea. 

A demonic looking Kris Kringle.

This Santa would prefer that  you not to touch him. Don't even look at him.

This surprised Santa just wanted to experiment with blue eyeshadow.

Would you want your kids to be given handcuffs by a Santa who rocks his eyeshadow like this one?more creepy santas:

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This Santa has seen some stuff, man.

More Bad Santas:

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