Packing for a trip is pretty easy — you grab a few outfits, gather up your toiletries, and throw in a few pairs of clean underwear. What you NEVER need to pack is an alarm clock that looks like bomb. 

This may sound like common sense, but a 15-year-old caused quite the scene on Sunday when he strolled into a Canadian airport with sticks of dynamite. 

The dynamite was actually a bomb-shaped alarm clock with a ticking timer positioned on the front. And for some unknown reason, the teen tried to walk through the screening area of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport with it packed in his carry-on. 

learly, airport security didn’t find the humor in this prank, and they quickly shut down the screening area while the Peel Regional Police Explosive disposal Unit investigated the device.

According to the Toronto Sun, after two hours, officials were able to determine that the device was harmless, and the boy was charged with mischief.

While this might seem like an isolated incident, it’s not the first time a traveler has attempted to sneak a weird, random, and potentially dangerous item through airport security.

Here are some of the straight up dumbest things people have tried to sneak onto planes.