The flight up to your first skydive just doesn’t seem real. You have the harness on, you went through the demonstration and logically you know what’s coming, but nothing can really prepare you for the moment when you have to hurl your body out of a plane that’s flying 14,000 feet in the air.

Still, people do it—and love it. And chances are you will too.

Once you manage that out the door maneuver and actually begin your free fall, skydiving is one of the most exhilarating things you can do. If you’ve made up your mind and want to take your first leap out into the thin, high altitude air, you should head to one of the best skydiving locations in the world.

So, what makes a world-renowned skydive? 

A beautiful landscape is something to consider, as is the elevation of the jump—in general, the higher you go, the more time you can spend in a free fall. It’s also important to find a company with a great safety track record and it’s a nice bonus if the location also offers other adventures.