For most, the depths of the ocean are shrouded in mystery.

Few often venture below the surface of the deep blue sea, and even fewer have explored its far-reaching corners.
Slideshow: 11 Totally Unique Underwater Adventures Around the World

Heck, according to the National Ocean Service, in all of the research and exploration scientists have accomplished up to this point, still we’ve covered less than five percent of the entire ocean.

In other words, to say there’s lots more exploring and discovering to be done is an enormous understatement.

Luckily, though, even for the general public, there are lots of different ways to explore the underwater world.

Whether in your own personal submarine or even a freestanding underwater oxygen bar (OK, so it's not the ocean, but hey, it sure sounds fun) here’s a look at some of the most unique and exciting ways you can embark on an underwater adventure.