Bored passenger makes techno song from airplane noise

Ding Ding. Get down while you take off.

Ding Ding. Get down while you take off.  (iStock)

Few people enjoy the redundant safety messages, flight attendant call dings or whirring air conditioner noises when flying.

But one passenger heard music beyond the banal chatter all to which flyers have grown accustomed.

YouTuber who goes by the name YouBee posted a techno-mashup infused with typical flight sounds, as well as an impromptu jazzy piano solo-- and the result is a dub step mix that would probably climb the top 40 in most countries today. 

The video was posted Monday and already has over 1.4 million views. 

This what some creative people do when they happen to be “bored on a plane,” as the description says.

Prepare to get down while you take off. Check out the full beat below.