The beach bar may be the best idea humankind has ever had. After all, what’s the point of even having civilization if we can’t have beach vacations? And what’s the point of beach vacations if we can’t spend our time on those beaches drinking?

Beach drinking doesn’t need to be complicated to be wonderful: as long as there are waves, sand, and booze, you’re all set. You could have a Solo cup filled with the foulest grog imaginable while sitting on a piece of rotting driftwood, and you’d still be having a better time than virtually every other non-beach-bar-goer in the world at that specific moment.

But some bars have taken this perfect idea and they’ve made it even better. They’ve found ways to make it more scenic and memorable, by, say, placing the bar on a cliff overlooking spectacular sunsets, or by developing world famous cocktails, or by making it so you have to get to them by boat, or by providing you with crazy good local music.

These are the bars that made this list; establishments that are not only beach bars — and let’s be honest, being a beach bar is enough — but those that have added an extra novelty or element that puts them above the rest. This doesn’t mean they can’t be dives (a few of these bars are literally made out of driftwood and look like they could be tipped by a strong wind), but it does mean they have to have that special X-factor.

Our list is subjective, but all of these beach bars are famous or infamous, and are well-reviewed. Maybe it’s because of the views, maybe it’s because of the cocktails, or maybe it’s because of the service, but all of these bars stand above the rest. 

See if there are any you want to add to your bucket list.