Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  As a regular traveler, and one with the last name Murphy, I’m quite familiar with travel interruptions, missed connections, and most recently, hurricanes. 

The Hawaiian Islands just avoided a potential disaster when two hurricanes, coming back to back, skirted the islands.  There were days of preparations and warnings as the local officials stepped up and prepared for the worst, and in turn, saw things turn out for the best.  The Aloha Spirit was alive and well as visitors were kept informed and updated on all of the steps being taken to keep them safe and comfortable.  I should know, I was on location in Hawaii leading up to, and through, this period.

Disasters can take on many different faces and weather is only one example.  Others include missing a cruise departure, a experiencing a medical emergency or a banging up rental car.  Since you never know what to expect, expect the unexpected and be prepared whenever you travel.  Here are some tips for handling a vacation disaster.