Extreme Foods

Unusual foods we dare you to eat

Think you like to travel to eat? 

We issue you a challenge: We’ve found 10 global delicacies that you could tick off your foodie bucket list—if you don’t have an aversion to insects or intestines, that is. Warning: If you do, this might not be the story for you.

  • 1. Snake Wine

    Snake Wine

    LG Anderson/Alamy

    Where you’ll find it: China

    Used in Chinese medicine to treat rheumatism and other ailments, this beverage combines fermented rice wine with such venomous reptiles as vipers. It’s believed the alcohol in the wine dissolves the poison, rendering it safe to drink.

  • 2. Chitlins


    ZUMA Press, Inc/Alamy

    Where you’ll find it: American South

    Also known as chitterlings, small intestines (typically those of pigs) get boiled to tenderness, then served with turnip greens and other Southern sides.

  • 3. Rocky Mountain Oysters

    Rocky Mountain Oysters

    ZUMA Press, Inc/Alamy

    Where you’ll find it: American Midwest

    Whether you call them prairie oysters or calf fries, there’s no changing the fact that these delicacies are bull’s testicles. They’re often served fried, but competition festivals devoted to the rumored aphrodisiac showcase every preparation, from chocolate-covered to sushi.

  • 4. Chaudin


    Bon Appetit/Alamy

    Where you’ll find it: Southern Louisiana

    Similar to haggis, this Cajun specialty begins with a stuffed pig’s stomach. The main difference is the stuffing, which—unlike the Scottish dish—doesn’t typically contain other bits of offal. Rather, it’s just aromatics, vegetables, and bread.

  • 5. Fried Tarantulas

    Fried Tarantulas

    David Davis Photoproductions/Alamy

    Where you’ll find it: Cambodia

    Aracnophobes could either consider this crispy dish—available in Cambodia—sweet, sweet revenge or the worst thing imaginable. They come with or without legs, and you can also request one “in the sack,” which also contains the heart and eggs.


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