Fall colors are as short-lived as they are glorious. While there's no shortage of beautiful mountain ranges, national forests, and wooded shorelines in the U.S. to enjoy this season, Michigan's Upper Peninsula offers some of the most rugged terrain and diverse natural scenery you'll find anywhere. A driving tour across the U.P., as it's known, will let you take in all of the stunning scenery, outdoor recreation opportunities, and delicious food and beer.

The UP is vast. It stretches some 384 miles from east to west, and has 4,300 inland lakes and 1,700 miles of shoreline on three Great Lakes.  Much is forest, so you'll be able to take in all of the reds, oranges, golds, and greens of the season. 

To cover all the ground, give yourself about six days.  That will give you enough time to hike, bike, eat and hang with the people that live in the U.P., called "Yoopers". 

Here's a suggested itinerary