Saltwater taffy, carnival rides, and old-school fun are back on the upswing in classic beach towns whose boardwalks can make you feel like you've stepped into a time machine.

These days, an increasing number of boardwalk towns are emerging from makeovers as fresher and more family-friendly. On the southern end of the Jersey Shore—a good 90 miles from where Snooki and JWoww hang out—the boardwalk town of Wildwood recently prohibited anyone from going shirtless, or wearing pants so baggy that they fall three underwear-exposing inches below the hips. In Brooklyn, amusement Luna Park—featuring creative new rides, such as one based on flying machines imagined by Leonardo da Vinci—has helped reinvigorate Coney Island.

These destinations are great reminders of why a beach-boardwalk vacation is still an evergreen summer getaway for families. Here are seven more classic boardwalk towns that go out of their way to entice families: