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America's cutest zoo babies

One of the great joys of spring is the chance to meet all the new arrivals born at zoos and aquariums around the country. Here’s where to find most irresistible babies running—and swinging, and swimming—around this spring.

  • 1. Lowry Park Zoo

    Lowry Park Zoo

    Lowry Park Zoo

    This well-loved zoo in Tampa has a serious case of cute overload, and her name is Mpumi. The adorable baby African elephant was born on December 23, 2012. Her name (pronounced Em-pumi) is short for the Swati word Impumelelo, meaning success or achievement.

  • 2. Cincinnati Zoo

    Cincinnati Zoo

    Cincinnati Zoo

    Cincinnati’s most adorable new resident is a baby gorilla named Gladys. Born on January 29 at a Texas zoo to a first-time mother who wouldn’t care for her, Gladys is being introduced to female gorillas at the Cincinnati Zoo with the hope that one will accept her.

  • 3. Houston Zoo

    Houston Zoo

    Houston Zoo

    Meet Yao, the newest celebrity at the Houston Zoo. Born on February 25 to parents Neema and Mtembei, the Masai giraffe was standing on his own a little over an hour later. And, yes, he is named after the former Houston Rockets basketball star.

  • 4. Busch Gardens

    Busch Gardens

    Adam Lewis/Busch Gardens Tampa

    The Tampa theme park announced the arrival of a baby aardvark on February 6—the third baby for proud parents Izzy and Friz. This little cub will grow to be more than 120 pounds in its first year.

  • 5. Oakland Zoo

    Oakland Zoo

    Lovesong Cahil/Oakland Zoo

    This 100-acre zoo recently welcomed a trio of new meerkat pups to its current mob, or community of meerkats. Their African names are Ayo (joy), Rufaro (happiness), and Nandi (sweet).  While you’re at the zoo, be sure to meet the four new baby goats born in mid-February.