2 classic rides closing next month at Six Flags Over Texas

The Flashback and Texas Chute Out at Six Flags Over Texas.

The Flashback and Texas Chute Out at Six Flags Over Texas.  (Six Flags Over Texas)

There's no standing in the way of progress.

Six Flags Over Texas announced it will be closing two iconic rides at the park to make way for a new yet-to-be named attraction.

A statement Thursday from the Arlington amusement park says the Texas Chute Out and Flashback will be open through Labor Day. 

Spokeswoman Sharon Parker declined to declined to give details about what new rides may be planned.  She told CBS News the move was “definitely one of those things that has pulled on the heartstrings of people.”

The Texas Chute Out opened in 1976 and was modeled after the old parachute drop at Coney Island. Park officials estimate more than 29 million people have tried the ride. Flashback, which opened in 1989, is a boomerang-style steel coaster with a corkscrew-spiraled layout that flips riders. An estimated 17 million people have ridden Flashback.

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Not all fans of the park were pleased with the news of both rides coming down. On Six Flags’ Facebook page some expressed their disappointment, like this person:  "Please do not take down the Chute Out! Six Flags needs to preserve some of the iconic rides such as this, runaway mine train, asserado (sic), antique caars (sic), etc. It should be a family "THEME" park and not to just for the thrill seeking bunch!"

There were others who thought the move was long over due. "WOw new ride! GREAT about time!"

Parker told CBS that the park will work with places like the National Roller Coaster Museum to help preserve the history of the two rides. 

“I’m sure there will be a couple of things that will be saved,” she said, adding that the park would also work on preserving the memory of the rides.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.