A right of passage when going to Disneyland is wearing the ears --right?  Who hasn't donned the black cap and felt like the mouse at some point in their life? 

Now, Disney is offering a new set of Mickey Mouse ears that not only glow in the dark, they change colors with the music of shows at Disney theme parks  

Over the years, Disney has moved beyond the traditional black Mickey Mouse ears, introducing over 200 different types, including those that feature Animal from the "Muppets"and R2D2 from "Star Wars". 

This latest version, which debuted Friday with the relaunch of Disney California Adventure, includes technology that let the ears glow and change colors to the sounds of the "World of Color" show and the "Mad T Party" dance party in the Hollywood Land section of the park, according to InsideTheMagic.

The price for the glowing ears is $25 and they're available at Disney California Adventure. 

While it's unlikely that all visitor will be wearing the glowing ears during each performance, the ears certainly set off a rockin' dance party mood. 

Let us know. Do you think the new glowing Mickey Mouse ears are Disney's high-tech version of a cigarette lighter at a rock concert, or a major distraction?