Every been delayed on a plane with nothing to do?  What better way to kill the time than an impromptu Eastern European jam session.

Passengers on a delayed Air Canada flight from Toronto to Frankfurt got to hear a four-piece set by the band Lemon Bucket Orkestra who broke out their instruments in economy class.

"Our plane got delayed 20 minutes so we got out the instruments," the band wrote on its YouTube page.

The band, that bills itself as "Toronto's only Balkan-Klezmer-Gypsy_Party_pun Super-Band", was on their way to their Balkan Station Romanian Tour.

Surprisingly their instruments fit the airline's guidelines and they were able to get them into the cabin.  The video uploaded on YouTube shows some who thought it was great to get live music on board, but a few passengers looked like they would rather have been reading the in-flight safety instructions.

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[youtube FYO8P8P-MVE]