Las Vegas

Las Vegas' Over-the-Top Bathrooms

Any self-respecting traveler knows the importance of finding a clean public bathroom.  It's a place not only to take care of "business," but a place to regroup and take a break from the masses.  

But in Las Vegas some public bathrooms are giving new meaning to the term royal flush. 

From over-the-top decor, to wall art that keeps customers lingering (maybe a bit too long) --even free language lessons, a trip to the bathroom can be as exciting as hitting the jack pot. 

So next time you're in Sin City forget the casinos and pool parties, and take a tour of the city's "finest" bathrooms.  Best of all, admission is free.   

Here are a few not to miss.

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Flirt Lounge at the Rio Las Vegas 

It's the after-party lounge for the popular Chippendales Show. But did you know the ladies restroom has four elegant purple couches adorned with purple drapes surrounding a purple-tiled vanity? It looks better than most apartments. 

"The whole goal with this bathroom was to create a space where the girls would feel completely at home, comfortable, and beautiful, "said Kristen Makhathini, general manager of Chippendales Las Vegas at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. And it even has a nickname: "The Gossip Pit." 

So what exactly are these ladies gossiping about? "I try not to be too nosey," said Makhatini. "I kind of just zoom in and out." Sure you do. We'll try to pry some of those stories from Makhathini on another day. 

"Mix" Lounge at the Mandalay Bay 

Some folks might spend some money on a helicopter ride along the Vegas Strip to enjoy the scenery. But if you’re short on some change, head to the restroom at the “Mix” Lounge inside of TheHotel at the Mandalay Bay. Both the men's and women's restrooms offer scenic views of the strip, primarily the Mandalay Bay Hotel, while you're handling your, uh, business. 

Playboy Club at the Palms Casino and Hotel 

Is that Pamela Anderson? Wait, that's Miss October! The bathroom at the Playboy Club, where beautiful women donning Playboy bunny costumes serve as blackjack dealers, has a collage of Playboy bunnies along its walls. Great way to pass the time while your buddy is recovering from one too many tequila shots. 

Paris Las Vegas 

A little French 101? Go to any of the public bathrooms inside of Paris Las Vegas and you’ll hear a sultry woman’s voice through the restroom's speakers providing French phrases along with its English translations. One trip to this bathroom and you’ll be a French-speaking extraordinaire. 

The Sporting House at New York New York Hotel 

Here's the situation: it's fourth-and-one and your favorite football team is on the goal line. A team calls a timeout and you need to go to the bathroom. What do you do? Go to the bathroom and risk missing the touchdown or, literally, hold your water? 

If you're at the Sporting House in Las Vegas, it's okay to go the bathroom because each stall, in both the men's and women's bathrooms, are fully-equipped with flat screens and televisions hanging from the ceiling. And according to Robert Birrell, general manger of the sports bar, the bathroom can get a little rowdy during the final seconds of football games. 

"Often you'll walk by the bathroom and here people screaming and it's because they're actually in there watching the game," said Birrell. "We just walk in there and sometimes people are just screaming at the screens."

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