Gutfeld on Dana's slip-up

It's day one since 'hole-gate' left a hole in our lives. We've seen some shocking things in our time -- lurid misbehavior in government, entertainment, academia -- and we've seen how the world has gotten more off course. Some blame President Trump for the decline of civility. Others blame pop culture, video games, rap music, Kathy Griffin.

But the real cause of decline could be something more sinister and, perhaps, more shocking because it's right in front of your very eyes, on this very show, hiding in plain sight. It happened yesterday right here, and it was shocking. If you have a pet, or a small child, a goat, or even a poodle, I suggest you take them out of the room now.


CHARLIE HURT, GUEST HOST: Here he is chasing people around with a reptile. Even going into the wall.




Now, Trump wasn't here when this happened and I wasn't here, for which I apologize -- usually I sleep here in the men's room. Maybe I could have stopped this. And, frankly, I'm ashamed of my colleagues for letting it pass, especially Juan. As a co-host of one of the top family oriented programs, I'm appalled and, apparently, I'm not the only one. The reaction in the media was swift.


BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Can we just go back to what happened there? Dana said, what?


BAIER: Hopefully, Dana will be OK.

GUTFELD: Yeah, we've got her swear jar.

JONAH GOLDBERG, "SPECIAL REPORT" ALL-STAR PANELIST: I don't want to sound like Dana Perino, but --

BAIER: we're not going to talk about Dana on the next panel. What happened to Dana?

GUTFELD: I don't know. No, no, I think the whole segment should be about what happened to Dana.


And fans of the show were equally as disturbed by Dana Perino.

Now, finally, the public knows what we always knew: Dana Perino isn't so sweet and innocent after all. In fact, she calls herself a role model. To what? Maybe a roll of toilet paper. That filthy person. She claims she's a mentor. Tormentor, more like it.

Because, fact is, this wasn't the first time. Look at what we unearthed, previous examples of similar outbursts towards the nicest of people. Listen to this.


BAIER: This is 2-year-old, Gracie, distributing breakfast to firefighters coming off the night shift.


AINSLEY EARHARDT, "FOX & FRIENDS": A homeless man begging for a job instead of food. An overwhelming response and it's gone viral.


UNINDENTIFIED FEMALE: A father working three jobs surprises his daughter with the dress of her dreams for her 8th grade formal.



It's horrifying.

So as you hope and pray this was just an aberration, the scary reality is this is who she is: Dana Perino, monster.


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